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wood sash wood windows
Preservation Millwork
Vintage wood window replacements
for old homes and historic buildings. 

We replicate wood windows, doors and moldings for restoring old Craftsman, Spanish, Victorian buildings and homes to their original beauty.

 We make wood single-hung and double-hung windows, wood casement windows, and custom wood windows to match the architectural style of your home.


We serve San Diego county and anywhere in the nation for large projects.  

San Diego Sash Company - Old Home Wood Replacement Windows & Doors mills act
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We know that in order to perfectly match the original windows in a

historic building, they have to be made the same way they were originally built.

That's why we use the traditional methods, historic machinery and real wood. 



We use methods that have stood the test of time - like mortise and tenon joinery. It's simple and strong and has been used by woodworkers, stonemasons and blacksmiths for thousands of years because of its proven reliability. 

The surviving millwork in America's historic buildings is a product of 19th century machinery. We use the same machinery because it allows us to match the profiles and characteristics of the original sash and windows as closely as possible. Modern methods simply can't match it. 


Real wood brings warmth and character to your home that can't be replicated by man-made materials. It provides natural longevity that comes with low environmental impact and carbon footprint when compared to other building materials.

Historic homes, churches and buildings that were built hundreds of years ago.

Many of them retain their original splendor because of the wood features and methods with which they were built. 

American 3 ½ Sash Sticker
We restored this 1900s historic machine and we use it to make windows in our shop.


Shawn has an appreciation for the workmanship of old buildings and a passion for preserving them.


He has learned from the most respected masters in the country, and with over 20 years of experience has become one of the most sought-after consultants for historic window replication in the Southern California region.

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