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These experienced craftsmen are dedicated to preserving San Diego's architectural integrity. If you have a San Diego old home you love, don't trust it to a just anyone... Here is a list of our trusted resources.
architectural woodwork for pre-1940 residential and commercial projects
millwork restoration historic and architecturally significant homes
stained class
old wood window installation repair contractor historic houses
old home contractor
old home painter
historic hardware
metal windows
save our heritage
Van Dusen Millwork

William Van Dusen specializes in original, quality, architectural woodwork for pre-1940 residential and commercial projects, and new projects where a more traditional style is desired.

(619) 443-7689


Craftsman Wood Refinishing

Mike Good restores millwork in historic and architecturally significant homes. He uses only historically appropriate materials and techniques in order to preserve the architectural integrity.

(619) 291-3575


Higher Glass

Dave Thomas is the previous proprietor of Alpine Stained Glass. Today he designs and produces custom stained glass pieces and repairs leaded glass. He also supplies colored, art and specialty glass.

(619) 820-9784


MLS Wood Window Repair & Replacement

John and Merry Straw are reliable wood window professionals and specialize in termite and fungus repair in old wood windows for historic homes in San Diego.



Heath Farrell, Contractor

Heath will do an amazing job restoring the windows in your old home.  He will take time to explain exactly what he is doing; and exactly what it will cost.  He always takes care to ensure that your old home is protected during the process.  

(619) 787-5814

Gary Redmond Painting

Gary Redmond is a professional painter with over 35 years of experience with an old school work ethic. You can expect every project managed personally by Gary, thus assuring a pristine job. The process, from beginning to finish will be smooth, performed in a timely manner.



SRS Hardware

Their unique role as manufacturers of brass hardware for traditional wood windows and former custom window-makers enables them to offer firsthand, practical advice in selecting and installing an integrated suite of brass hardware and specialized ancillaries for all your window projects.

(401) 954-9431

All the Details Steel Windows

Since 1984, All The Details has been furnishing and installing specialty architectural building products, including Steel, Wood, Bronze, Glass, Aluminum molding, millwork, windows and doors to Commercial, Residential, Landmark and Renovation projects.

(203) 316-8260


Save Our Heritage Organisation

SOHO works on a wide range of preservation issues throughout San Diego County. All our advocacy efforts share a common goal: to protect and preserve the historic architectural and cultural resources of our region.


SOHO San Diego Resource Directory

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