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Orphan Sash

Every once in a while, perfect sash gets left behind. Sometimes, the wrong size was ordered or the customer changed their mind. If you're interested, in one of the items below, just email us at and tell us which item you're interested in. 

Eight 4-Lite Casement Sash

30 in. X 61 in.; not primed

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One 2-Over-2-Lite Pair of Double Hung

36 in. X 53.25 in.; not primed; glazed

One 4-Over-4-Lite Pair of Double Hung

42 in. X 48 in.; not primed; not glazed

One 6-Lite Mahogany Door

29.75 in. X 84 in.; not finished; not glazed

One 6-Over-1-Lite Pair of Double Hung

48 in. X 54 in.; not primed; not glazed

One Mirror

24 in. X 40 in.; Redwood; no finish

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Six 8-Lite Casement Sash

23.875 in. X 48.875 in.; primed; not glazed

Two 4-Lite Door Pair

21.3125 in. X 79.5 in.

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Two 5-Lite Door Pair

25.626 in. X 74.5 in.

Two 6-Lite Casement Sash

30 in. X 60 in.; not primed, not glazed

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